Zeolite шаблон для uа проблем

Mater., 1999, 11, 2668–2672 CrossRef CAS. Q. Huo, D. I. Margolese, U. Ciesla, P. Feng, T. E. Gier, P. Sieger, R. Leon, P. M. Petroff, F. Schuth and G. D. Stucky, Nature, 1994, 368, 317–321 CrossRef CAS. S. Che, A. E. Garcia-Bennett, T. Yokoi, K. Sakamoto, H. Kunieda, O. Terasaki and T. Tatsumi, Nat. Scientific collaboration Heyrovský Institute of Physical Chemistry, АS of Czech Republic, department of catalysis II, prof. For production runs letting the ./configure option automatically determine the optimization level. The major goals are to enable the processing of bulky molecules and, at the same time, improve the diffusion into and away from the catalytic active sites in order to enhance the catalytic activity and avoid undesirable side reactions.

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