Скачать шаблон для amxmonitoring 1.4

You saw that the overall process is fairly simple, but there are some limitations like possibility to monitor one single MBean and attribute at a time. Simple answer is that as soon as a Managed object become live in the application server a corresponding JSR 77 MBeans will get initialized for it by the application server management layer. The other concept is the notification mechanism which AMX provides on top of already established JMX notification mechanism. All JSR 77 MBeans in the AMX domain offer access to configuration and monitoring MBeans using the getMonitoringPeer and getConfigPeer methods. Possibility to navigate from a leaf AMX bean up to the DAS. AMX MBeans AMXdefines different types of MBean for different purposes or reasons, namely, configuration MBeans, monitoring MBeans, utility MBeans and JSR 77 MBeans.

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