Вставить лицо в шаблон мачо

Естественно, с опытом будет приходить и скорость, но этот шаг очень важен и чем качественней подобрана цветовая гамма, тем реалистичней будет конечный результат. Draw a mask around an object and it follows the object across frames, automatically adjusting position, rotation, scale, skew, and perspective.See how it works › Flexible scaling options Make every pixel look its best, with your choice of bilinear and bicubic resampling. Now snap items to shape paths, bounding boxes, cameras and lights, and within shape layers.See how it works › Script enhancements New script enhancements make it possible to automate output to various formats by using scripts to change render and output module. See the length and format of each video in your libraries and get links to video previews.

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