Шаблон машины в автокаде

See more on nesting components for raster engraving» Raster engraving standard appearance & depth We have established optimized settings for all materials. In raster engraving terms the marking is cosmetic, shallow and typically a balance between legibility and cleanliness. Аналогичный выбор вам необходимо сделать в том случае, если открылось окно Select Template (Выбор шаблона). Выберите для примера шаблон ISO A3 -Color Dependent Plot Styles.dwt. Multiple files from different materialsIf you want parts cut / engraved from multiple materials, use the corresponding templates for chosen material. Maintaining continuous vector geometry — Joining lines Try and draw in polylines if you can to maintain continuous vector geometry. If drawings are drafted with lines from more than one path, make sure that they are joined. This will make the the cutting very messy and take a long time to process.

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